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Biol 1009
Instructions: Using complete sentences, write the report indicated below and respond to the questions
from lab exercise 7. For more information about each question, see the lab manual.
1. In a one- or two-page report, summarize the development of this insect. Include the number and
duration of each instar stage and the time of emergence of the adult.
2. Answer the following questions relating to this exercise.
a. Which stage in the milkweed life cycle is depicted in Figure 1?
b. What other animals besides insects have external skeletons? Which have internal skeletons?
c. Based on your experience, describe the development of the human from infant to adult. Are there
stages similar to instars, or is the development much too gradual to identify specific stages?
Other Requirements: Relate the answer to the instar stages of milkweed bugs

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