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(Solved) discuss a fiscal policy that has a societal and/or civic impact… –

The article should discuss a fiscal policy that has a societal and/or civic impact. The article should have global implications.
o The policy can be passed or proposed, federal or state, domestic or foreign.
· The article should be from a credible source, and should be cited in a recognized format (APA, MLA, Turabian, etc). Make sure to include the url as part of the citation.
· You will be discussing the article you selected. However, you are not limited to the article as a source of information. You can and should use Google (or another search engine) to find background information about the topic. In some cases it may be useful to read articles from sources that write from a different perspective.
1) The first paragraph should explain the issue discussed in the article. The reader should have enough background information to follow the arguments you make in subsequent paragraphs, but this should be a synopsis of only the most important information, not a re-write of the article. Pay attention to providing basic details that answer who, what, when, where and why, especially as it relates to the fiscal policy discussed. Make sure to use economic vocabulary as you describe the fiscal policy.
2) The second paragraph will discuss the societal and/or civic issues impacted by the fiscal policy. What are the immediate implications on society? What are the short term and long term implications? Who will gain from the policy? Who will lose surplus from the policy? Are there efficiency or equity issues involved? How do cultural issues affect the implementation of the policy? If we use the macroeconomic assumption of benevolent dictator, what would you propose/alter as a benevolent dictator?
3) The third paragraph should discuss the global implications of the event/proposal. It is not required that you find an event that will have world-wide or large magnitude implications, but you should pick an event that will have implications for at least 2 or 3 countries. Discuss the international connections. Will the event/policy in the article affect trade and how? How will country-to-country relationships be affected? How will this affect citizens within affected countries?

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