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The Question

For the survey research report, you will develop an original research question. The target population will be Merrimack College students, so develop a research question related to this specific population. Sources of ideas include observations of the world around you, prior research, practical problems, and your own general interests. You can investigate attitudes, beliefs, facts, demographics, and/or behaviors (see the list of variables on page 4). Once you have chosen a topic, research it online and/or at the library. After you formulate your research question, you will create and distribute a survey to gather data to answer your question. You will summarize and analyze your findings in a Survey Research Report.






Introduction: The Introduction comes after the Title Page, starting on a new page. The full title of the research proposal is typed in just plain text and centered at the top of the page. The running head and page number are in the header section of the page. In the Introduction, include the following three pieces of information:



(1) First, make a general statement about the research topic.



(2) Next, use library research to provide some background information about the topic.



(3) Lastly, explain the significance of the research?tell the reader why the topic is worth investigating/why the topic is important to study.



Method: The Method section follows the Introduction continuing on the same page. ?Method? is bolded and centered at the beginning of the section. In the Method section, write two separate paragraphs. In the first paragraph, describe the participants:



(1) Type of people (students, athletes, etc.).



(2) Total number of participants.



(3) Major demographics, including sex and age (if relevant, also report race/ethnicity, marital status, educational level, occupation, and so on).



In the second paragraph, report the following information:



(1) Report that you used a survey, briefly describing the general content of your questions.



(2) Name the sampling method (how participants were chosen). You likely are using convenience sampling (nonprobability sampling).



(3) Describe where you recruited participants and any instructions you gave to participants for completing the survey.



Results: The Results section follows the Method section continuing on the same page.?Results? is bolded and centered at the beginning of the section. In the Results section, summarize your findings by reporting the data concisely, accurately, and in a logical way that is easily understood. Note the following:



(1) It is unnecessary?and undesirable?to report all of your findings. Be selective.



(2) Provide raw numbers and percentages (for example: ?10 participants (50%) reported??



(3) Include data only?do not include any conclusions, implications, or applications.



Discussion: The Discussion section will follow the Method section continuing on the same page. ?Discussion? is bolded and centered at the beginning of the section. In the Discussion section, explore the implications of the findings you present in the Results section. Implications may be practical, real-life applications of the findings and/or theoretical contributions of the findings to our understanding of a problem/phenomenon.


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Research on the Benefits of Studying Abroad

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xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx 1




xxxxxxxx xxxxxx 3











Research on the Benefits xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx


Student?x xxxx


Institutional Affiliation



xxxxxxxx ABROAD




Studying is xxx of xxx greatest xxxx xx succeeding in life. Studying xxxxxx can add xxxx xxxxxxxx knowledge to the student?s xxxxx What are xxx xxxxxxxx xx studying xxxxxxx IES xxxxxx News xxxx some xx the xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx abroad in an xxxxxxx they put xx their xxxxxxx and they xxxx xxxxxxxx growth, intercultural xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx career attainment, xxxxxx stays mean xxxxxxx benefits, Importance of xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx a lifetime xx benefit.




xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxx are xxx students of Merrimack College. The xxxxxxx is xxxxxxxxxx to xxxx students from all xxxx xxx xxxxxx and this makes


- - -


more text follows


- - -


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Respondent xx Age xx


Major: Construction Management


1-Why xxxxx you xxxxxx



xMy xxxxx xxx xxxxxx been xx be xxxxx xxx xxxx way I know of xxxxxxxx xxxx xx through education and xxxxx xxxx x love.



xx Do xxx xxxx to study abroad? xxx xx why not?



xYes. Being xxxxxx xxxxx me the chance xx see the improvements in the construction industry and xxxxxxxxxx different xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx



3- What are the benefits of xxxxxxxx abroad?



One of the xxxx benefits of xxxxxxxx abroad xx that xx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx of xxxxx employed xx xxx country.



4- What country xxxxx you xxxxxx to xxxxx in? why?


xChina. xxx country xx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xx cement, and xxxx have xxxxx construction projects xxxxx xx xxx xxxx xx their xxxxxxx but also in xxxxx parts xx the world xxxx as xxxxxxx





xx Do xxx think studying abroad xxx a negative xxxxxx on xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx or xxx not?







6- How do xxx study best?


Through xxx xxx xx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx documentaries.





xx xx xxx xxxxx that x


- - -


more text follows


- - -


file3.edited.docx preview (698 words)





STUDYING xxxxxx x











xxxxxxxx on the xxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxx xxxxxx


xxxxxxx?x Name


Institutional xxxxxxxxxxx



xxxxxxxx xxxxxx




xxxxxxxx is one xx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx of xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxx abroad can xxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxx student?s xxxxx xxxx are xxx benefits xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx Abroad News xxxx xxxx xx the benefits of studying abroad xx an xxxxxxx xxxx put on xxxxx website and they are, xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx intercultural xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxx attainment, longer stays mean greater benefits, Importance of xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx a xxxx xxxx xx benefit. Studying xxxxxx has xxxx been associated with xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx individuals xxx xxxxxxx and this xx xxxxxxxxxx xx the fact that most of xxx xxxxxx abroad


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more text follows


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