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Ethical Communication



Ethical issues and concerns have been a constant topic in all of your nursing courses. When applying these problems to health assessment, a nurse is faced with the problems of reporting many types of abuse. Think about your role as a nurse to report abuse as well as the HIPAA regulations to protect a patient's privacy. Then, read the following scenario:

You are taking a health history from a young woman who is admitted for an ovarian cyst removal later the same day. During the history, she reveals that she has recently been diagnosed as HIV-positive but has not yet disclosed this to her new boyfriend, who is in the waiting room.

Based on this scenario, respond to the following:






????????? From an ethical perspective, what is the nurse's obligation?






?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Reference:????



????????? Course Text:Jarvis, C. (2016).?Physical examination & health assessment?(7th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.?



????????? ?



o??? Review Chapter 3, "The Interview"

Go back and review the process and techniques of communication.



o??? Chapter 27, "The Complete Health Assessment: Adult?

Conducting a complete health history and physical exam can be complicated. In this chapter, the suggested examination sequence is provided along with guidelines to instruct the patient.



o??? Chapter 28, " Bedside Assessment and Electronic Health Recording?

In many clinical or hospital stays, a patient does not need to have a complete health history or physical assessment conducted. During these cases, a basic assessment can be completed. Chapter 28 details the procedure for completing a bedside assessment of a hospitalized patient.





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The xxxxxxx rule xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx HIPAA xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx guidelines and standards xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx?x medical xxxxxxxxxxxx xx this xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx rule applies to xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx preventing xxxxxxxxxx sharing xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx unless xxxx the xxxxxxx of xxx patient. xxx xxxxxxxxx the xxx of Electronic xxxxxxxxx Systems, which xxxx become critical xx ensuring xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx access xx xxxxxxx information makes patient health information at the xxxx xx access by xxxxxxxxxxxx personnel xxxxxxx xxx service xxxxxxxxx? servers (Chan, Jones, and xxxxx xxxxxx However, xxx HIPAA xxxx xxxx xxxx the conditions xxx limits xxxxx which xxxxxxxxxx of an xxxxxxxxxxx? xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx could xx xxxx xxxxxxx their xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx the Health xxxxxxxxx Portability xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx?s HIV xxxxxx xxxxx to be


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