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Distributed databases



Consider all of the modern conveniences that come with the modern age. Now, consider how all of those conveniences are enabled. Yes, you can now deposit a check into your banking account from your phone, but in order to do that, your phone needs to access a database with your financial information in it. When you consider the fact that that database has thousands more people?s financial information, how that information is stored becomes of paramount importance.



Chances are you do not want your financial data stored all in one place, which is why critical information like this is placed in distributed databases. However, when else would you choose to implement a distributed database over a local database? For this Discussion, you will analyse the implications of storing data in various situations.



To prepare for this Discussion:






????????? Review your Weekly Learning Resources with a focus on distributed and local databases.



????????? Research uses of distributed and local databases.



????????? Reflect on when it would be preferential to use a distributed database over a local database.






To complete this Discussion:

Post:?Create an initial post in which you analyse when it would be suitable to implement a distributed database instead of a local database. Address the following:






????????? Identify when it would be preferential to use a distributed database instead of a local database.






????????? Explain your preference if all your computers were localized in one building.



????????? Explain your preference if all your computers were spread out across your country.



????????? Explain your preference if all your computers were spread out worldwide.






????????? Explain when, and why, you would mirror databases. Also, explain when you would use databases tailored for the local environment.






????????? Fully state and justify any choices, assumptions or claims that you make using the suggested Learning Resources for this Week, your own research, and your own experiences.











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Distributed databases











Database technology has xxxxxxx a xxx xx xxxx three xxxxxxx with xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxx developed xxxx as xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx Out of xxxx distributed xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx along xx x big xxx xxxxxx x xxxx forward for many newer xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xx very much apt xx first xxxxxxxxxx the difference between a xxxxx database xxx a xxxxxxxxxxx database. x local database is a xxxxxxxxxx xx data that can be accessed xxxxxxx a centralized computer network xxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxx database xxxx xxx xxxx all of xxx physical xxxxxxx xxxxxxx connected to a xxxxxx processing xxxxx In a xxxxxxxxxxx database, the xxxx xxxx stored xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx either at the xxxx xxxxxxxx location or xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx The xxxxxxxxx are kept updated xxxx xxx xxxx of replication xxx duplication xxxxxxxxxx


With xxx numerous xxxxxxxxxxx distributed databases have xxxxxx a xxxx suitable choice in comparison xx xxxxx databases. Few of xxxx xxxxxxxxxx


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