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(Solution) -BUSINESS COMMUNICATION 1. Which one of the following is the incorrect sentence?


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1. Which one of the following is the incorrect sentence? a. His sending the note was a thoughtful gesture. b. Anyone who wants to change their vote may do so. c. Miguel, along with his employees, presented his report at the conference. d. Neither the office manager nor the other administrators can speak for their employees.


Competency: Grammar Task: Use a verb that correctly agrees with the subject of a sentence. 2. Technical reports include all of the following except: a. status reports b. systems white papers c. annual reports d. analyses of alternatives


Competency: Oral and Nonverbal Communications Task: Identify and utilize traditional and electronic research sources such as encyclopedias, reference manuals, periodicals, Internet, etc. 3. When a writer revises a draft, which of these issues should he or she consider? a. specific word choice for each idea b. spelling and mechanics c. overall flow of ideas and paragraphs d. structure of each sentence


Competency: Editing and Proofreading Task: Describe and demonstrate the stages of the writing process to include planning, writing, editing, proofreading, and revising.


4. Which of the following sentences have correct capitalization? James won the employee of the month award and accepted it at the conference in Chicago. All employees should be members of the OSTT Organization. a. only the first sentence contains correct capitalization b. both sentences contain correct capitalization c. both sentences do NOT contain correct capitalization d. only the second sentence contains correct capitalization


Competency: Punctuation and Capitalization Task: Identify how to capitalize sentences, proper nouns, abbreviations, adjectives, and titles correctly.


5. Which sentence clearly explains that Mr. Thompson and no one else contacted the writer? a. Only Mr. Thompson contacted us with his proposal for upgrading the computer equipment. b. Mr. Thompson contacted us with only his proposal to upgrade the computer equipment. c. Mr. Thompson only contacted us with his proposal to upgrade the computer equipment. d. Mr. Thompson contacted us only with his proposal to upgrade the computer equipment.


Competency: Reading Comprehension Task: Recognize how word selection and usage affects communication.


6. How many of the following words are misspelled? questionaire truely dillemma transcendent a. 0 b. 4 c. 3 d. 1 e. 2


Competency: Spelling Task: Illustrate the ability to spell correctly the words regularly used in writing. 7. Identify the bold word in the following sentence: Apple will explain the wraparound feature of the computer today. a. adverb b. preposition c. adjective d. verb


Competency: Word Definition and Usage Task: Describe and identify the eight parts of speech in context sentences. 8. Negotiation is an art. Which one of the following is not a negotiating tip? a. don?t be afraid to ask for what you want b. get the agreement in writing c. hold out for everything on your list d. listen to the other side


Competency: Communication Concepts Task: Demonstrate effective negotiation and consensus-building techniques to provide or obtain appropriate feedback and resolve conflicts.


9. The three main parts of the delivery of an oral presentation are: a. vocal qualities, nonverbal symbols, and visual aids b. statistics, nonverbal symbols, and dress c. nonverbal symbols, statistics, and vocal qualities d. dress, visual aids, and nonverbal symbols


Competency: Digital Communications (e-mail, messaging, netiquette) Task: Use proper techniques to make an oral presentation. 10. Which nonverbal symbol has the greatest impact in an oral presentation? a. moving around the room b. a smile c. good eye contact d. gestures


Competency: Digital Communications (e-mail, messaging, netiquette) Task: Identify and interpret the major types of verbal and nonverbal communication.


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