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(solution)- Entrepreneur 6 discussions


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APA format, no word count required.






Discussion 1



In a study conducted by Entrepreneur Weekly, Bradley University and University of Tennessee, the failure rate for startup companies was 44% by the end of the third year in business. Meaning, almost one in two startups failed after three years. There are a variety of reasons for this low success rate among entrepreneurs ? from poor market research, to accelerated growth, to lack of cash flow planning, to many others. Review the article ?Biggest Startup Mistakes and How to Avoid Them,? and discuss the following:



  • Select the mistake described in the article that you think would have the greatest impact on a newly formed company. ?
  • Why do you think this mistake is so common with entrepreneurs? ?
  • If you were the owner of a company, what you would you do to avoid that particular mistake? ?

Discussion 2



Think of a product or service. Discuss the role of cost and demand factors that should be considered when pricing that product or service






Discussion 3



Identify three creative kinds of business relationships/financing arrangements that can be used to help manage cash in a small firm. Why are they viable options??






Discussion 4



If a new venture had its choice between long-term debt and equity financing, which would you recommend? Why?






Discussion 5



Identify four factors a consumer might give for not using an online business. What actions might an entrepreneur take to overcome those factors?






Discussion 6



What are the key attributes of a good business location? Which of these would probably be important for a retail location in gaining a competitive advantage? Why?


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entreprenuerual discussions

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Entrepreneur x xxxxxxxxxxx



APA format, no word xxxxx required.






xxxxxxxxxx x



In x xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx Bradley xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx xx Tennessee, the xxxxxxx xxxx for xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx was xxx by the xxx xx xxx xxxxx xxxx in business. xxxxxxxx almost one in xxx xxxxxxxx failed xxxxx three years. xxxxx xxx a xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxx low xxxxxxx rate xxxxx entrepreneurs ? xxxx xxxx xxxxxx research, xx accelerated growth, xx lack of xxxx flow planning, to xxxx others. xxxxxx xxx article xxxxxxxxxx Startup Mistakes xxx How to Avoid Them,? xxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx



  • xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx in the article xxxx you think xxxxx xxxx the greatest impact on x xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx ?
  • Why do you xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx is so common with xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ?
  • xx xxx were the xxxxx xx a company, xxxx xxx would you do xx avoid xxxx particular xxxxxxxx xx

Discussion 2



Think of x product or xxxxxxxx Discuss xxx xxxx xx xxxx and demand xxxxxxx that xxxxxx be considered


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more text follows


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xxxxxxx Head: xxxxxxxxxxxx DISCUSIONS









Entreprenuer Discusions








xxxx of Submission











xxxxxxxxx 1


It is xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxx business xxxxxx to make mistakes. The owners xxx supposed to xxxxx and capitalize on those xxxxxxxx to be able to improve and expand xxxxx businesses. xxxxx xxx many start xx mistakes madebut here xx x xxxx xx xxx most fatal xxxxxxxx that can be done by a xxx xxxxxxxxx One xx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx x new business xxx xxxx xx failure xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx to engage professionals is another xxx xxxxxxxx infant business make. xxxxxxx fatal mistake xx new businesses is xxxxxx negativity xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xx fail is xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx to xxxxx of xxx businesses.


Entrepreneur make start up xxxxxxxx because the xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxx unfamiliar. xxxxxxxxxxxxx have to xxxx xxxx xxxx


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more text follows


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