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Your final assignment for this course will be to create a Community Policing Proposal to a fictional community.






Your instructor will be assigning you a fictional community profile this week. You will use this profile to inform the design of your Community Policing Proposal. The final proposal will include the following elements:






?A description of the community and its needs






?A step-by-step implementation plan designed with the specific needs of your community in mind






?A practical strategy that can be used to communicate your community policing model to the community and the law enforcement organization












Part 1






Your instructor will send you a brief description of a community. Upon receiving the community profile, create a name for your community. Provide a written description of the community and a description of the crime issue at hand. You may add unique details to the description of the community or the issue if you think it will benefit your assignment. Submit a written description of the community for which you will be creating a Community Policing Proposal.












Part 2






Describe how federal, state, and local law enforcement work together in criminal investigations. Answer the following questions:






?What is the scanning, analyze, response, and assessment (SARA) model?






?How does this model apply to community policing? Give 2 examples.






?Can the same models for partnerships be used in every jurisdiction? Why or why not?





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Your xxxx xx attached.






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xxxxxxx Head: xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx rights Education 1


Proposal 8











Community xx


xxxx xxxx of xxxxx Rights Education "












Human xxxxx xxxxxxxxx ( xxx ) xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx for xxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xx treat each xxxxx in a xxxxxx to make a good nation in xxxxxx people will xx xxxxx to each other. Although most xx xxxxxxxxxxxx and schools xxx xxxxxxxxx HRE in xxxxx courses xxx they are xxx working xx xxx extent xxx make xxxx xxxxx to their society. xx order to provide effective xxxx x want xx add xxx xxxxxxxxx and xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx give xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx demands of xxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx The article also xxxxxxxxx the challenges xxx xxx xx xxxxxxx xxx gives xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx to xxxxxx it. xxxxx xxxxxx the voice for xxx we must xxxx all opportunities xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxx graduates xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx their nation and x xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx to make xxxxx RIGHTS xxxxxxxxx COMMUNITY.


Benefits xx Community


Making a


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more text follows


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