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(solution)- Envision the Sustainable City-You have to discuss proposed Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


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The environment that you grew up in and the experiences in your life up tp this point have shaped and molded your view of sustainability as it relates to cities and the built environment. Use this assignment to explore how you view and perceive neighborhoods, cities, and regions. As you ponder and answer the questions below, ask yourself what role do your values play in perceiving sustainability, and what factors, if any, motivate you to develop or continue a green lifestyle?



Part 1: Briefly describe one of the places where you grew up.



Answering the questions below, write at least 250 words about the place where you grew up.



  1. Where did you grow up and what was it like?
  2. What elements in the human or natural environment were important to your daily life?
  3. With whom did you interact on a daily basis?
  4. Where did you go and how did you get around?
  5. What, if anything, about your life was sustainable?

Part 2: Describe your vision of a sustainable city or neighborhood.



Write at least 250 words describing the sustainable neighborhood or city that you would like to see in the future. Imagine the ideal community ? a place you would especially like to live in, and that is sustainable (in whatever way you want to define the term).



  1. How is this place laid out in terms of streets, buildings, public spaces, parks, homes, workplaces, and shopping areas?
  2. How do people get around?
  3. What types of people live there and how do they interact?
  4. How does the built environment relate to the natural landscape?
  5. What makes this place sustainable, and do you think it is possible to achieve?

Part 3: Sustainability Theory (500 ? 700 words)



  1. How does your unique past affect your vision of the future and the way you choose to live your life today?
  2. How do human values come into play when people think about sustainability?


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Envision the Sustainable City-You have to discuss proposed Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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xxxxxx xxx x xxxx place to grow up in this is xxxxxxx xx xxxx and action associated xxxx xxx xxxxx xx is xxxxx on xxx xxxxx xxxx xx the red sea. It is x xxxx important xxxx of the xxxxx xxxxxxx xx xx the point that connects xxx xxxxx to xxx Mecca and xxxxxx xxxxx are xxx very xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx is considered xx the birthplace xx the Islamic xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx is xxx xxxxx that xxxxx xxx xxxxx to xxxxx xxxx sites. xx a xxxxxx xx this xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx is xxxxxx busy xxx full of xxxxxxxxxx activities as xx deals xxxx foreigners from different parts xx xxx xxxxx that xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx maker xx Mecca. xx x xxxxxx xx its xxxxxxxxxx significance, Jeddah has all xxx characteristics of x large city. As xxx xx xxx society and environment are concerned, the place xxxxx people lived was xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx business activities.


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