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(solution)- comm101-----public speaking course-----write a speech paper for me----at least 500 words


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Make sure you begin your recording with your name and the speech you are presenting (i.e. Process speech) and make sure you follow the guidelines for recording speeches, available in the Resources section of our course.?



Click the link above to submit your speech, preparation outline, speaking outline. Remember that in order for a speech to be counted as on time, you must submit all the required documents along with the speech video.?



TIME LIMIT: 3-5 Minutes






  1. To increase the audience?s knowledge or understanding of a specific process so that they are enabled to describe, explain, or perform the procedure.
  2. To demonstrate using VISUAL AIDS how a process is completed or how a procedure works.?







Your first formal speech is designed to help you develop and practice public speaking skills. Choose a topic that you know a lot about, have enthusiasm for, and can make interesting to a college audience (both men and women). Choose a visual aid(s) that demonstrates or clarifies your process and is large enough to be seen by everyone. Examples of topics include: How to Properly Dive off a Diving Board, How to Make a Christmas Wreath, How to Drive a 5 Speed, How to Paint a Model Rocket, How to Make an Adirondack Chair, How to Drive a Golf Ball, How to Hang Wallpaper, How to Buy a Good Pair of Athletic Shoes, How a Guitar Produces Music, How a Jet Engine Works, How to Take Pictures Like a Professional Photographer, or How to Repair a Leaky Faucet.









  1. Your visual aid must be an?integral?& important part of your speech. Meaning it is something that you are using throughout your speech, ideally as you are demonstrating how to do your process.

  2. Remember that you are delivering a speech, not creating a ?how to? video you might post on YouTube ? therefore your speech should be recorded at one time, as a presentation, with you standing before an audience using your visual aids and completed within the 3-5 minute time limit.
    • If your process typically takes longer than 3-5 minutes (e.g. cooking/baking something, making a flower arrangement, creating some craft project, or changing the oil in your vehicle) then you should complete the process ahead of time, taking pictures while you do it, and then create a power point presentation (or other means of effectively displaying photos) to show your audience members while you deliver your speech.?Do NOT splice together several segments of video.
    • I recommend that you watch a cooking show as you prepare your presentation and notice how they have everything ready to go ahead of time and they often have the dish staged at multiple various points of the process BEFORE they begin. Whether you are cooking something, or creating a paper flower, or changing a tire, you should do the same thing before you actually deliver your speech to your audience.
  1. Your speech should be effectively organized, outlined, introduced and concluded.

  2. Your preparation outline must be prepared and?typed?following formal outline format (see the 10 Rules for Outlining and sample Preparation Outline and Speaking Outline in Session 5 ?Learning Activities? and in the ?Resources? button of our Blackboard course). You may request your instructor to review a draft copy of your outline ahead of time.?
  3. Your speech must be delivered extemporaneously (conversationally) from notes. Do NOT prepare a speech manuscript (i.e. write out your speech verbatim); do NOT memorize a manuscript. Remember that the purpose of your Speaking Outline is to remind you of what you want to say. It should be clear, concise, brief, and easy to see, so that you can glance down at it, remind yourself of what you want to say, and then look back up at your audience while you speak to them.?

  4. Attach both your Preparation Outline and Speaking Outline to the assignment in Connect. After you submit the video, there is a place to attach documents. Browse your computer to find your Preparation Outline, then click on <+ add additional files> and browse again to attach your Speaking Outline. In order for your speech to count as ?on time? you must submit both your Preparation Outline and your Speaking Outline at the time you submit your video and by the due date on the calendar.?

  5. Practice your speech several times before you deliver your speech in front of your audience. Check the timing to know what will fit in the 3-5 minute time limit and make cuts as necessary.?

  6. After you submit your speech video, you should watch your video again, and complete the self-evaluation on Connect. This counts as part of your speech grade.?

  7. This assignment is worth a possible _100_ points. Evaluation criteria include: Introduction, Organization & Use of Transitions, Content Development, Use of Visual Aids, Conclusion, Extemporaneous & Conversational Delivery, Overall Time Limit, Audience-centeredness, and Outlines.


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xxxxxxx head: PAINTING x MODEL xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx x MODEL ROCKET ? xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx







Speech: xxx to xxxxx x Model Rocket























Ladies xxx xxxxxxxxxx I thank you for congregating xxxxx xx the past two years, I have xxxxxxx to attend to xxxxxxx conferences xxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xx paint a xxxxx rocket. These xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx equipped me xxxx xxxxxx skills and xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx There are people xxxxx painting model rocket; xxxx accidentally xxxxx xxx paint xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx?x have xxxx xxx floor, xxxxxxxx hands or glasses. Well, xxxxx are xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx encountered xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx me xxxxx xxxxxx to xxxxxxxxxx xxx process well. Today, x xx xxxxxxxx xx introduce xx you three different xxxxx how xx paint a xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx x work as xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx in xx firm xxxxxx xxxxxxxx varied skills xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx different xxxxxx




xxxxxx and gentlemen as xxx xxx xxxxxxx there


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more text follows


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