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The Question

Topic: Domestic Violence?



Answers should be as long as necessary to adequately address the questions:






1.?What is a social problem and why does the DAIP (Duluth Model) approach domestic violence as a social problem?






2.?What was the Minneapolis experiment and why is it important?






3.?List and briefly discuss the five types of elder abuse.






4.?What steps can service providers take to better assist victims with disabilities?






5.?What role do rape myths play in sexual violence?






6.?Describe why it can be difficult to recognize, prevent, and prosecute stalking behaviors.












7.?A) Discuss the difficulty involved with victims of battering who claim "self-defense" in partner homicide cases, and how some states are currently dealing with this situation. Be detailed and specific.

B)? Discuss in detail the differences between civil and criminal penalties when it comes to financial losses for victims of crime.






8.?A) You are having a conversation with an acquaintance who claims there is no such thing as a "victim" of domestic violence, since anyone who does not leave a battering partner must enjoy the abuse and therefore is not a victim. Explain, in detail, what information you would offer to debunk this statement. Support your answer with information from the textbook as necessary.

B) Following the Minneapolis experiment, most major police departments nationwide developed policies stating arrest was the preferred response in partner assault cases. Among five replications of this seminal study, three concluded arrest had a deterrent effect, while two came to the opposite conclusion. If you were assisting your local police department in creating a policy for partner assault cases in your community, would you encourage them to include mandatory arrest? Why or why not? Be detailed and specific, supporting your response with information from the textbook.

C) Victims of violent crime have the right to submit a victim impact statement to the sentencing authority when the person convicted of harming them is subject to sentencing. However, not all research on the issue has clearly found there are mental or emotional benefits to victim participation, and there is some dispute over whether victim impact statements have any effect on sentencing. Do you believe victim impact statements are of any real use? Why or why not? Defend your answer.


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x social problem concerns an xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx a xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxx to xx a poor situation. xxx Duluth Model xxxxx Domestic xxxxxxxx as a xxxxxx problem xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx violence affects xxxxxxxx xx x xxxxxxxxxx from xxx victim xx the xxxxxxxxxxx to the xxxxxx in the community xxxxxx (The Duluth xxxxxx xxxxxx


xxx Minneapolis Experiment was an xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx violence. It xx xxxxxxxxx because xx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxx xxxxx experiment involving controlled xxxxxx discretion, xxx xx more arrests xxxxxxxxxx xx domestic abuse cases, and xxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx of xxx Spousal Abuse xxxxxxxxxxx Project xxxxx xxxx How, xxxxxx


There xxx five xxxxx types xx elder xxxxxx These xxx physical abuse (such xx hitting xx xxxxx unwanted xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx (concerning the xxxxxxxxx xx breast xxxxxxx and emotional xxxxx xxxxx as xxxxxxxxx xx elder xxxxxxx teasing or other xxxxxxxxx abuse) xxxxxx 2016). xxx xxxxx two xxxxx types xx elder abuse


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