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1To demonstrate the learne's ability to write an instruction paragraph( write an instruction paragraph on how to make traditional saudi food



2 To demonstrate the learne's ability to explain and describe what to do before you drive. ( prepare a microsoft powerpoint presentation (cover page slide plus minimum 7 slides ) to say what you should do before you drive . Use information from the course book and illustration frome the internet . On your slides ' Use bullet points only , maximum three bullet points per slude . Always state your sources in order to avoid plagiarism



3 To demonstrate the learner,s ability to inform us about health and fitness . (Prepare a microsoft powerpoint presentation ( cover page slide plus minimum 7 slides) from topic in unit3 .



Use information from the course book and illustration from the internet . On your slides ' Use bullet points only .maximum three bullet points per slide . Always state your sources in order to avoid plagiarism


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The three tasks

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Kindly find the xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx Regards

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xxxxxxx xxxxx TRADITIONAL SAUDI FOOD ? PAGE xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx FOOD ? xxxx xx MERGEFORMAT ?2?













Making Traditional xxxxx xxxxx
















xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx


xxx inhabitants of xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx consuming xxx same types xx xxxx items for centuries. Among xxx xxxxx xxxxx are still xxxxxx in xxxxx Arabia xx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx yogurt, chicken, xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx dates, xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx are xxxx consumers of Falafel and Shawarmax items xxxxx are originally from xxxxx xxx xxx Levant respectively. xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx the making xx Saudi xxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxx called kabsah (Ali, xxxxxx The ingredients include xxx xxxx of xxxxx xxx spoonful of oil, four xxxx xx water, xxx xxxxxxxxx two xxxxxxx and Arabian xxxxxxx Others include a xxxxx of xxxxx one chicken, xxx x xxx xx tomato-sauce. xxx xxxxx for cooking are a xxxxxx spoon and pot. xxx cooking method commences with putting


- - -


more text follows


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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx are basically xxxxxxxx xx proper eating and xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx presentation is actually meant to xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx related xx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx constant xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx et xxxx 2013).


There are several other issues xxxxxxxx but xxxx and xxxxx may not allow for more xxxx xxxx xxx xxx (Jackson, 2010).




xxx to Eliminate xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx from xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx skin xxxx chicken;


Make xxx xx xxxx milk xx xxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxx



How to Eliminate xxxxxxxxxxx Calories xxxx Food Items, xxxx?d



They do also:


Avoid mayo for mustard;


Eliminate xxxxxx from their hamburgers.




xxxxxx Healthy


Eating healthy xx xxxxx feeling xxxxx xxx xxx just xxxxxxxx xxxx strict philosophies.


Attaining xxx required energy xxx xxx insisting on remaining xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx thin.


Remaining as healthy xx is xxxxxxxxx and xxx xxxxxx depriving oneself the adorable food xxxxxxx xx al., 2013).




xxxxxx Healthy,


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more text follows


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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx are x couple xx xxxxxx which xxxx xx be done before xxxxxxxxxxxxx is part of what is xxxxxxxx xx as the xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx majority of xxx xxxxxxxxxxx drivers xxxxx xxxx they managed to xxxxx and xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx habits xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Books Pty xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx



xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx Vehicle



Walking around xxx xxxxxxx is meant to check xxx obstacles.


Moreover, xxxxxxx children xxx be xxxxxx behind xxx xxxxxxxx (Gorge, 2011).


It xxxx xxxx help in xxxxxxxx damages xx xxx xxxxxxxxx



xxxxxx xxx Seat


Drivers ought xx xx high xxxxxx so that xxxx xxx clearly see the xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx need xx xxxxx xxx brakes xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xx at xxxxx xx xxxxxx from xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx In this xxxxx one xx not hurt in xxxx the xxxxxx explodes xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx 2015).




xxxxxxxxx the Mirrors


Drivers xxx able xx eliminate blind xxxxx by xxxxxxxx that they xxx


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more text follows


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