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1). A health Inspector at a restaurant will enter the kitchen & choose 5 stations to inspect from a predetermined list of 15 stations present in post restaurant kitchens. a) How many different sets of 5 stations exist? b) If all sets are equally likely, what is the probability of each set? c) If the inspector were instead to randomly select 13 stations to inspect, how many different sets of 13 stations would exist? d) If all sets were equally likely, what is the probability of each set? 2). A quality control analyst measures the number of hours a patient in a low-risk condition waits for care at the emergency room of a small hospital. The following data are obtained for 20 patients. 2.26 2.01 3.0 1.22 1.92 1.79 0.78 1.89 0.71 1.58 2.02 2.77 2.87 0.51 0.74 1.95 2.76 2.61 3.54 2.95 a) Compute the sample mean, sample median, and range of the data. b) Compute the sample standard deviation and sample variance. 3). Since careful records have begun being kept in January, Eric?s small business has delivered the following quantities of flowers throughout town. Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun July Aug Small Bouquets 85 34 26 24 43 29 30 19 Large Bouquets 23 64 27 18 33 23 20 13 Assuming the data is normally distributed; construct two separate 90% confidence intervals, one for the number of deliveries of small bouquets in September and one for the number of large bouquets in September. SHOW ALL YOUR 4). The following are data values of variables x and y X 5 4 3 6 9 8 10 y 7 8 10 5 2 3 1 Construct a scatter diagram of the data points and plot the least squares regression line on it. Find the least squares regression line. The following are data values of variables x and y


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A xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx











1). x health Inspector xx x restaurant will enter the xxxxxxx & xxxxxx 5 stations to xxxxxxx xxxx x predetermined xxxx xx xx xxxxxxxx present xx xxxx restaurant kitchens.?


xx xxx xxxx different xxxx of 5 xxxxxxxx exist??


xx xx all xxxx xxx equally likely, xxxx is the probability of each set??


xx If xxx inspector xxxx instead to randomly select 13 stations to xxxxxxxx how xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx of 13 stations would exist??


d) xx xxx xxxx xxxx equally xxxxxxx what xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx of xxxx xxxx?


xxxx ALL xxxx xxxx?





(a) There exist xxxxx 5) = 15! x (15 ? 5)! xx = xxxx xxxxxxxxx sets of 5 xxxxxxxx


(b) xxx probability is 1/3003 = 0.00033


xxx There exist xxxxx 13) x 15! x (15 ? xxxx xxx = 105 different xxxx xx xx xxxxxxxx


(d) The probability xx xxxxx x 0.0095





xxx A quality control analyst measures xxx xxxxxx xx xxxxx a patient in a xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx for care at xxx emergency room xx x small xxxxxxxxx The xxxxxxxxx xxxx are xxxxxxxx xxx


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