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Question 1: ?One botnet, called Rustock, was disabled through collaboration between industry and law enforcement in March of 2011. This botnet had approximately 1 million infected computers networked together and was capable of sending up to 30 billion spam emails a day. This botnet was so large that when it was taken down, global spam volumes instantly dropped by 30 percent?. Reference: Criddle, L. (No Date) What are bots, botnets and zombies? [Online] Webroot.com. Available from: http://www.webroot.com/us/en/home/resources/tips/pc-security/security-what-are-bots-botnets-and-zombieshttp://www.webroot.com/us/en/home/resources/tips/pc-security/security-what-are-bots-botnets-and-zombies (Accessed: 29 April 2014). Bots and botnets?malicious software that secretly controls remote computers?are a growing threat to computers and networks. In this Discussion, you will consider malicious malware activities and how they are controlled. To complete this Discussion: Post: Critically analyse the protocols and systems attackers use to control and update botnets today. Explain the changes over the past five years. State whether or not you believe botnets will continue for the foreseeable future and explain your position. If you do believe botnets will continue, describe the purpose and activities you believe they will conduct in the next five years. Question 2: The Domain Name System (DNS) is so essential to network functionality, your text states that ?if the DNS server crashes, so does the entire Internet!? (p. 133). Valid statements?that is, data received from and sent by hosts and servers as they were intended?are critical to make the system run properly. This is not always the case; malicious intruders can (and do) change DNS messages inside networks, creating traffic patterns with disastrous effects. In this Discussion, you will consider how domain name system intrusion works. To complete this Discussion: Post: Imagine and describe three general scenarios where...


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xxxxxxxxx networked











xxxxxx 1:


To xxxxxx xxx computer xxxxxxx xxxxxxx is xxx xx xxx xxxx xxxxxx ways. Malware xxx the xxxxxxxxx software which xxxxxx the computer and xxxxxxx various xxxxxxx xx it. Malware can be xx xxxx of xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx worms and computer viruses. xxxxx are various malicious xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx these can xx xxxxxxxxx xxx


xxx malware xxx xx xxxx xxx information xxxxxx in xxx xxxx xxxxx of xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx


xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx the computer system xxx xxxxxxxxxx by the malware.


xxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx of bots xxxxx also infects the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx all together. This xxxx xx malware xxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxx xx which xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx Moreover, xxxxxxx can xxxxx xxx xxxxx of malware in your computer xxxxxxx


xx xxxxx to xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx malware xxxxxxxxxxx xxx operating system of the computer system should be up to date with the xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Anti-malware xxxxxxxx can be used in xxxxx to xxxxxxx the


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