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  1. Read the following chapter from Business Ethics & Social Responsibility:
    1. Chapter 7: Organizational Factors: The Role of Ethical Culture and Relationships



1.????????? National Public Radio (2005, May 31). How Sarbanes-Oxley has affected corporate culture. [Audio File and Transcript] Retrieved from http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4673074





Recommended Resources



  1. AllanGregg. (2012, March 13). Daniel Goleman explains emotional intelligence [Video File]. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeJ3FF1yFyc
  2. HarvardBusiness. (2008, August 11). Social intelligence and leadership[Video File].? Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Qv0o1oh9f4




  1. Federal Compliance Law?

Listen to a podcast of Linda Thomsen, former director of enforcement at the Securities and Exchange Commission:? How Sarbanes-Oxley has affected corporate culture. Discuss how the Sarbanes?Oxley Act has changed corporate culture.? A transcript of the podcast is also available through the URL.


Expand on how the Sarbanes?Oxley Act impacts organizational culture and why federal oversight like this is needed.?


Additionally, Linda Thomsen mentions in the podcast that she expects further misconduct to occur.? Why do you think this type of misconduct continues despite these regulatory laws??


Support your views with evidence from the textbook or at least one article from the Ashford Library or another scholarly source.







Leadership and Corporate Culture


An organization?s leaders have influence and power to shape the corporate culture and motivate ethical conduct.?


In a three to five page paper excluding title page and reference page(s), evaluate the influence and power that corporate leaders have in shaping the corporate culture.?


Include the following in your evaluation:


  • Description of important ethical leaders in an organization and their various roles.
  • Illustration of the relationship between ethical leaders and stakeholders.
  • Summarization of the various leadership styles and classifications and their impact on corporate culture.?
  • Analysis of the influence of leadership style on ethical decision-making, including specific examples drawn from research on today?s business leaders.? Be sure to include reference to two or more articles from the Ashford Library or other scholarly sources that highlight the influence of power and leadership style on corporate culture.? These two sources apply toward the total requirement of three sources for the paper.

To conclude your evaluation, summarize your position on the influence of ethical leaders in contributing to a corporate ethical culture.


Support your evaluation with at least three resources from the Ashford Library or other scholarly sources, in addition to the textbook.? Your paper must be correctly formatted according to APA 6th edition style guidelines.





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xxxxxxxx the attached xxxx xx get xxxxxx

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x would say that xxx xxxxxxxxx Oxley xxx has helped to xxxx corporate xxxxxxx more xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxx prior to the xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx enacted. ?xxx veil of secrecy that existed xx xxxxxxxxx culture echoed xxx corporate raider culture of xxx xxxxxx ?xx this realm, it xx "anything xxxxx xx terms of xxxxxx xxxxxx ?This was xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx of xxxxx xxx Arthur Anderson, xxxxx xxxxxx to xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx practices xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx profits. ?xxx xxxxxxxxx culture xxx one xx which xxxxxxxx were left to trust CFOs and CEOs xxx xxxxxx to xxxxxxxx xxxx profit xxx create an xxxxxxxxxx where questions were xxx xxxxxxxxxxx


Certainly, xxxx xxxx still needs xx be xxxxx ?Yet, I xxxxx xxxx xxx Act xxx xxxxxx to xxxxxx a xxxxxx for xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and transparency xx the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx ?Consider the xxxxxxx of Paul Sarbanes, xxxxxxxx in recalling xxx he xxx heard of changes in corporate culture as a xxxxxx of the xxxx xxxx he co-sponsored:


xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx


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more text follows


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Leadership and Corporate Culture


xxxxxxxxxx is xx xxx means a special xxxxxx that xxx xxx people xxxxxxxx x xxxxxx must xxxx xxxx ethics xx be xxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxx term xx the xxxxxxxxx world. xxxxx leaders generally xxxxxxxxx ethical programs xx order xx xxxxxxxxx an xxxxxxxxxxxxx climate xxxxxx 2010). x will evaluate the xxxxxxxxxx of ethical xxxxxxxxxx xxx the role xx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx?x organizations. xx addition, x xxxx xxxxxxx the repercussions x company may have when its leadership xxxxxx and xxxx rewards xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Lastly, x xxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxx leadership perspective. xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxx theory xxx xxxxxxx practices xxxx I find important to xxxxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx


xxxxxxxxxxx xx important ethical leaders in an xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx various xxxxx


Amidst xxxxxxxxx xx a business, when xx xxxxxx become xxxxxxxx xxx most important xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx an adequate pioneer xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx that xxxx take xxxxx xxx xx


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more text follows


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