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Your company has been developing nicely. The goals have been set, the employees have been hired, and now it's time to start working towards accomplishing the objectives. Anyone that's worked in a company knows that things don't always go smoothly. In this week's assignment, your employees are running in to issues in the work environment, and it's up to you come up with solutions to their problems. There are two separate situations in the video below, and each has specific questions regarding leadership and motivation.You will need to contact me for the video











Answer these questions using concepts from both this week and last week. The assignment should be at least a page and a half in length and adhere to APA standards. You will need to contact me for the video







  • Complete the following tasks for scenario one:
    • Summarize the issues that the employees have.
    • Select a new motivational theory to use on your employees.
      • Choose one from the following three: expectancy theory, equity theory, or goal setting theory.
      • Explain how this choice fits the planning and organizing from the previous course project assignments.
    • Give two examples of how you will implement the motivational theory you've chosen.
  • Complete the following tasks for scenario two:
    • Select a leadership style that you believe will be most effective in the upcoming meeting between all three of your employees.
      • Choose one from the following three: behavioral leadership theory, situational leadership theory, or transformational leadership theory.
    • Give two reasons why you believe this style of leadership best fits this given team and situation.


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Motivation in the work place

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xxxxxxxxxx in xxx Work Place


Student xxxx


Institutional xxxxxxxxxxx

















Motivation in the xxxx Place


xxxxxxxx 0ne


The xxxxxx xxxx the xxxxxxxxx have in scenario one xxxxxx xx the xxxx xxxx xxxx do xxxx xx work and xxxxx the yearly evaluations xxxxxx she xxxxx not xxxxx xxxx they xxxxx get the xxxx xxxxx of xx as everyone else. The xxxx of the matter is xxxx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx also relaying concerns xx xxx xxxxx xx the corporation to xxx junior employee xxxxx only xxxxxx to xxxxxxxxxx the xxxx xx x xxxxxx


xxx employee is xxxxxxxxxxxx worried that xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx much xxx xxxx contributes xx the xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx the manager himself xxxxxx xxx xxxx concerns xxxx xxx employee. The xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx that xxxx xxxxx on such a scenario xx the xxxx setting xxxxxxx


This xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx imply that xxx xxxxxxx of xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx objectives xxx linked to xxx specific tasks that xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx employees xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx have a


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