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Semester Assignment MIS 24000 -Sections 16, 18, 19 Spring, 2013 100 points (10 points extra credit possible) 1. Select a company that your paper will focus on. To make it more meaningful, I recommend you select a company that is related to your major or a company which you a have a relative working at. For example, marketing majors might consider a major advertising agency, market research company, media company, etc. Sports Management majors might consider a sports management agency, a professional sports team, etc. Finance majors can pick an accounting firm, bank, capital venture firm. 2. Describe how that firms likely use or should use Management Information Systems, Information Systems and Information Technology as it relates to the various topics covered in the class. Your paper should cover facts and examples on how information systems and technology is used, MIS management issues that company might face, and how the changing information technology might impact the company. State at least several different examples for each topic. 3. Your paper should cover the topics covered in the book and discussed during the class. Specifically, your paper should be broken in the following sections with each section worth 10 points. Your grade will be based on the number and diversity of examples you give for each section, correctness in the application of the examples you use, and the significance of the examples in demonstrating your understand of the topics covered in each section. a) Computer Hardware and software (chapter 2) b) Database Systems and Data Warehouses (chapter 3) c) Personal, legal, ethical, organization issues including security and protection (chapters 4 and 5) d) Data Communication (chapter 6) e) E-Commerce and internet and extranets (chapters 7 and 8) f) Global or Cultural Aspects and considerations (chapter 9) g) Enterprise Systems and Applications (chapter 10) h) Management Support Systems and Analytics (chapters 11 and 12) i) Future technology...


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Project xxxxx Apple xxxxxxxx













Computer xxxxxxxx must be xxxxxxxxx selected xx meet xxx evolving needs xx the xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx it?x supporting xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx which xxxxxxxxx leads xx xxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx the xxxx of xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx of x computer xxxxxxx The xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx characteristics and xxxxx xx single xx xxxxxxxxxx computer xxxxxxx should xxxx be xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx invest in computer hardware xx improve the worker productivity, increase revenue and xxxxxx xxxx and most of all xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xx know xxxxx business xxxxx and handle tough situations as xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx design xx xxxxxxxxx xxx efficient xxxxxxx the hardware objectives of MIS should be done xxxxxxx in xxxx about xxxxxxx and future xxxxx xx xxx organization as xxxxxx



xxxx the xxxxxxxx components are to be decided, xxxx x decides xxx overall xxx system xxxxxx processing speed and capacity it xxx xxxxxx at a xxxxx The


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