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This assignment is due by Sunday 5/22/16 by 11:59PM EST. I have attached the previous assignment that will be needed to help complete this one. Please remember this presentation must have speaker notes in it. Many thanks in advance!






Activity Context



This assessment enables you to demonstrate your mastery of the following course competencies:



  • Analyze relevant global leadership concerns for the future.
  • Analyze emerging leadership theories that are appropriate for a global agenda.
  • Evaluate the leader's responsibility to prepare the self for work in a competitive, complex, and diverse workplace.
  • Define a personal plan for evolving the present, reflective self.
  • Communicate in a manner that is professional and consistent with expectations for members of the business professions.

Activity Instructions



Draw upon your Leadership Development Plan from Unit 5 to prepare a PowerPoint presentation in which you present your global leadership credentials to a corporate leadership team.



Imagine that you are interviewing for a dream leadership position in a global firm. (It may help you to identify a specific organization, industry, and leadership position. It can be fictitious, if you would prefer, but will have more meaning if it is something you actually hope for in your future.) Before flying to corporate headquarters, you receive a request from the top leadership team. The team members ask to see a 10-minute presentation in which you give your:



  • Global leadership strengths and fit with the leadership position.
  • Evolving global leadership development plan.
  • Analysis of global leadership concerns for the future in the context of the organization.
  • Evaluation of an emerging leadership theory and its appropriateness for the organization.

Remember that you will want to tailor your presentation to reflect the particular firm, industry, and leadership position for which you are being considered. This is where you are "boasting" your strengths to be the global leader of choice.



Your presentation must include speaker notes at the bottom of the slides. To learn how to use speaker notes in PowerPoint, visit the help area in PowerPoint and search for "speaker note function."



Also, note that your first slide must be a title page and the last slide must have your references.



Refer to the scoring guide prior to submission to ensure you meet all evaluation criteria.



Assignment Requirements



  • Written communication:?Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • APA formatting:?Resources and citations are formatted according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting.
  • Length:?No more than 15 slides with speaker notes.
  • Font and font size:?Fonts and sizes appropriate for good visibility in a slide presentation.






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Presenting Yourself as a Global Leader

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xxxxxxx Head: PRESENTING xxxxxxxx AS x GLOBAL LEADER ? xxxx * xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx x xxxxxx LEADER ? xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx









Presenting yourself as xxxxxx Leader



















There are xxxxxx leadership xxxxxxxxx that one has xx xxxxxxx especially when eyeing the human resource xxxxxxxx position xx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx are xxxxxxxxxx as xxxxxxxxxxx xx positive transformation and development. xx xxxxx with, x xxxxxx xxxxxx xx expected to lead xxxxx xxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx objectives xxx xx xxx xxxx of their departure, leave xxxxx xxxxxxxxx in x better state than they left xxxxx xxx strengths of a xxxxxx xxxxxx can be stated in form of characteristics. Some of these characteristics include vision, integrity, focus on results xxxxxxx of the xxxxxx should xxxxxxxx roles xxx not work alone, open-mindedness, appreciative xx cultural xxxxxxxxxx technologically xx xx date and xxx xxx works with xxxxx xxxxxx in


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PRESENTING xxxxxxxx AS x xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx STRENGTHS


As x xxxxx xxxxxxxx director xx xxxxxx x lot of leadership strengths xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx visionary, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx updated,


Open-minded, and xxxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxx









The xxxxxx has to xxxxxxx a xxxxxx mindset


They should xx xxxxxxxx xxxx the recent leadership xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx to xxxxxxxx through complexities






xxxxxxxx GLOBAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT xxxxxxxxxxxxx leadership development is necessary xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is the xxxxx xxxx shapes xxxxxxxx today


Google xxx gain xxxxxxxxxxx advantage xxxxxxx this plan


It has to xxxxxxxxx the need to optimize xxxxxxxxxxx




ANALYSIS OF xxxxxx LEADERSHIP CONCERNS FOR xxx xxxxxxxxxx x HR director xx is xxxxxxxxx xx know the trends


It can help xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx of xxxxxx xx xxxxx of xxx xxxxxxx in global xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx competition xxxxxxxxxxxx




ANALYSIS OF xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx CONCERNS xxx xxx


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more text follows


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