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Due Date: 21st August 2011



By 12.00 midnight (Singapore & Malaysia time)






1. Consider a 32-bit hash function defined as the concatenation of two 16-bit functions:



XOR and RXOR, defined as ?two simple hash functions?



a) Will this checksum detect all errors caused by an odd number of error bits?






b) Will this checksum detect all errors caused by an even number of error bits?



If not, characterize the error patterns that will cause the checksum to fail.



c) Comment on the effectiveness of this function for use as a hash function for






- 30 Marks



2. When tunnel mode is used, a new outer IP header is constructed. For both IPv4 and



IPv6, indicate the relationship of each outer IP header field and each extension



header in the outer packet to the corresponding field or extension header of the inner



IP packet. That is, indicate which outer values are derived from inner values and



which are constructed independently of the inner values.



- 30Marks



3. Classify the different types of Intrusion Detection Systems available in the market.



Draw a comparison table by explaining the summary of each IDS along with their






Note for Q 3: Students can restrict to any one type either open source (snort etc.,) or



vendor based (tipping point etc).



Minimum three IDS have to be compared.



-40 Marks









1. The given task must be completed on time within the word limit.



2. Assignment should be organized under suitable headings.



3. Assignment should be presented in a professional manner and word-



Processed using the Harvard method for referencing sources to theory.



4. Answer to the assignment questions. Conclusions will be drawn



From the appropriate evidences related to the task given.



5. The assignment must have good structure and presentation refers to



The submission of your work (i.e. how neatly or tidily it has been






6. The description of the system should be clear to an external reader.



GOOD (C, C+, B- and B)



In addition to the requirements for SATISFACTORY:



1. There must be proper Introduction about the given tasks.



2. Diagrams, charts, tables, etc., have to be included in appropriate places if






3. Answers should be more specific and should not be too vague.



4. Conclusion should be thorough and with clear findings.



DISTINCTION (B+, A-, A and A+)



In addition to the requirements for GOOD:



1. The piece of work should be presented in a high quality and professional manner.



2. The theoretical underpinning should provide evidence of



further reading not provided in the taught programme.



3. The evaluation will demonstrate an excellent understanding of the given task.






1. The assignment MUST be submitted on-line on or before the due date.



2. Assignments should be word processed.



3. The assignments shall contain 3500 words (+/- 10%), presented in text of font size 12 with



1.5 line spacing.



4. The cover page should be attached with the assignment and uploaded through OCTAL (WEC



Learning Portal) on-line. Please see the Guide to upload the assignments placed in the



assignment pack.



5. You must write your name (as per IC / Passport), Learning Centre, the Module Title and page



number (page x of y) in the header / footer of your assignment.



6. All newly registered and continuing students are required to submit Module Enrollment Form



to the Centre Manager / Rep / Admin by the last day of week 3 of each term.



7. The course work will not be accepted at the end of the term if student did not enroll for the



module by the given deadline.



8. Once you have enrolled for the module it is compulsory for you to submit the course work on



/ before the given deadline.



9. The Extenuating Circumstances Form (ECF) along with the evidence must be submitted 10



days prior to the submission due date to the Centre Manager / Rep / Admin for onward



submission to WEC if you wish to apply for deferment / extension.



10. Work which is submitted after the designated deadline is deemed late.



11. If an approved ECF has been submitted by the original assignment deadline, and the work is



received before the extended deadline indicated on the ECF, the work will be marked with



no limitation of the grade available.



12. If the submitted work is late but within 7 days of the deadline, and there are no approved



extenuating circumstances, the work is assessed but the highest mark available is the



minimum pass grade D-. There is no entitlement to feedback although feedback may be






13. There is no entitlement to submit late after an agreed submission extension.



14. If the work is tendered without an approved ECF more than 7 days after the deadline, it is not



marked and an NS grade is recorded.






15. NS grade is recorded if neither the course work nor the ECF is submitted.


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Networking and security A+ Tutorial use as Guide

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Chris xx Smith



xxxxxx Key xxxxxxxxxxxx




Review xxxxxxxxx



xxxx What is x message xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx



xxxxxxx x xxxxxxx authentication xxxx (MAC) xx x cryptographic checksum


xxxxxxxxx from a xxxxxx xxxxxx key xxx the message xxxxx A xxx xxxxxx a xxxxxxxxx


to verify xxx authenticity of a xxxxxxxx message. The receiver uses the shared xxx xx


xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx value from xxx xxxxxxx xxxxx If the computed


checksum value xxxxxxx




xxxx What xxxxxxxxxx must x hash xxxxxxxx xxxx to xx useful for message-authentication?




xxxxxxx Properties of a xxxx function (H) to xx useful xxx xxxxxxx authentication:



1. H can xx xxxxxxx to a xxxxx of xxxx xx any xxxxx


2. H produces x xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx


xx xxxx xx easy xx compute xxx any given x


4. For any xxxxx value x xx is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx infeasible to find y/x xxxx H(y)=H(x).


xx xx is computationally xxxxxxxxxx to find xxx pair(x,y) such xxxx H(x)=H(y).




xxxx xxxx is a xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx





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more text follows


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