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(solution)- discussion reply minimum 50 words, in own words please


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??1: ?Jace, great post!!!? And yes, "identification and authentication are very different and great ways to protect a network," good job.? And for this week's assignment, you will be discussing different ways to physically protect your company's building.? When considering security, it's similar to protecting your own properties such as, your house, your phone, and your vehicles.?






?????? As you know, there are many different methods and requirements, depending on the asset (your property) and its value.? For week 3, Jezreel did a great job with his podcast explaining the importance of protecting assets.? Jace and class, how will you?apply identification?for your company's entrances?









2:According to chapter 4 the differences between identification vs authentication , identification is who you are check or test and Authentication is what you ?know check or test. We in every day life use both methods of testing . We use identification for our driver llicense?. We use identification before we can cash a pay check . Some times we may need three types of proof of identification. I keep my social security card , driver license , and student id card in my wallet..What in your wallet to prove who you are?






























3:Jace I see in your post your point of view of how identification and authentication can be blended . Your post reminded me of the night club scene when the bouncer knows your name there for you been identified by identification on how old you are..but the authentication is the problem because you don't know the password for entry. AND no party for you unless you know that password word.


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??1: ?


?x I also concur with xxxx that identification xxx authentication xxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx in protecting data xxxx a xxxxxxxx However, xx is also crucial xx protect xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx from physically xxxxxxxxx buildings for xxxxxxxx purposes. xxxxx are xxxx ways xx protecting unauthorized xxxxxx xx properties such xx premises through xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx individuals xxxxxxx xxx entrance xx ascertain their identity, this xxx be by checking the xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx also xxxxxxx xxxx for xxx individual to xxxx when xxxxxx out. xxxxxxx identification method is using xxxxxxxxx tool to xxxxx xxxx one is in the company?s xxxxxxxx as xx employee xx xxxx Noted xxx name, identity card xx xxx xxxx of xxxxxxxx and exit xx every xxxxxxxxxx xx also x good way xx


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