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For this assignment, read the case study, ?Sonance,?on pages 563-578 of your textbook. You will compile a comprehensive case study analysis based upon this case. This involves a critical review of the company and situation leading to the problem identification. From there, you will research the company, industry, and competition, leading to the identification of several viable alternatives, followed by the final recommendation. In summary, the format should include the following: Company/product overview: Introduce the company and product/services. Situation analysis: This will require an analysis of what is going on internally within the organization as well as externally. Think about the political/legal environment, economic, socio-cultural, and technological. Using the CSU Online Library, minimally research the industry and competitors. Problem: Identify the problem(s) that this company is having or will have in the near future. Alternatives: Formulate a minimum of three possible alternatives that could solve the problem stated above.



Explain each thoroughly with an eye on the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative. Recommendation: Examine the alternatives and select the best alternative for this company. Include your rationale for selecting this over the others and discuss the implementation process. Your comprehensive case analysis should be a minimum of six pages in length, double-spaced (not including the reference page and title page).The case analysis format should include the five sections described above using subheadings within the paper. References should include your textbook plus a minimum of two additional credible references. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations, and cited per APA guidelines. Additional supplemental information on preparing a written case analysis can be found in the textbook on pages 687-702






The textbook is Strategic Marketing Problems 13th Edition. By Roger A. Kerin and Robert A. Peterson, ISBN 978-0-13-274725-7








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A Comprehensive Analysis of Sonance-Case Study

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Running xxxxx Sonance-Case Study 1











x xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx of Sonance-Case xxxxx


xxxxxxx Name




xxx Date


xxxxxxx Name











Company Overview


Sonance Company xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx 1980 and xx emerged xx the xxxxxx xx high-end xxxx theater xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx produces audio products xxx custom xxxxxxxxxxx xxx design-sensitive sophisticated xxxxxxxxxx It xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx structure, xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx systems, xxxxxxxxxx music systems, xxxx audio xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx tool, navigator program manager software, xxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxx connectors, xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx acoustic enclosures, xx products, brackets, keypads xxx xxxxxxxx volume controls, cables wall xxxxxx xxx xxxxxx connectors and wires, xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx The xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx in 1980s xxx is xxxxxxxxxxx in xxx xxxxxxxxx California. Sonance operates as a xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx Innovations (Roger, 2010xx


xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx


The xxxxxxx?x attempt xx xxxxxxxxx into xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx backfired xxxx a decrease xx earnings xxxx $53 million in xxxx xx xxx million in xxxxx xxxx situation has caused the company to xxx extremity: xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Sonance needs xx xxxxxxx illustrate its xxxxxxx evolution xxx administrational xxxxxxxxx xx 2000, Sonance lost its classical foundation of xxxxxx customers, losing xxxxxxxxxxxxx 50% xx xxx dealers in a xxxxxx of 5 years.


Problem Statement:


xxxxx overall income decreased xx only xxx xxxxxx this


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more text follows


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