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Need answers to 5 questions in the field of clinical psycholog, as follows:







1.?????? One of the major challenges in assessing a defendant?s sanity is



a.?????? Making determinations about a mental conditions that existed at an earlier point in time



b.????? Finding empirically-validated measured to use.



c.?????? Getting access to records to review



d.????? All of the above






2.?????? An assessment of premorbid functioning is important because



a.?????? It enables the establishment of goals for rehabilitation.



b.????? It allows the placement of current functioning in a historical context.



c.?????? It is important to know how much of the brain has been injured.



d.????? D. all of the above



3.?????? Which of the following is an example of a true negative outcome?



a.?????? Mary?s pregnancy test came back negative, but she is actually pregnant.



b.????? Joe?s car was clocked speeding by a radar gun while he was going faster than the posted speed limit



c.?????? Anna failed an exam because she hadn?t learned the information it covered.



d.????? Tony?s strep test came back negative, but he didn?t recover without antibiotic treatment.






4.?????? The main reason that it is so difficult to predict dangerousness is that



a.?????? No relevant, valid measured exist to measure this behavior.



b.????? Most clinicians refuse to work with clients who have been assaultive in the past, so little data is available to use in making such predictions.



c.?????? Dangerousness is often comorbid with drug and alcohol abuse which renders our instruments much less reliable



d.????? The base rate for such behaviors is very low for most groups of people.






5.?????? In community psychology an ecological perspective refers to



a.?????? Understanding that alleviating individual problems requires changes in environmental settings



b.????? Utilizing individual competencies to effect changes



c.?????? Both and b in conjunction



d.????? Neither a nor b





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Clinical psychology

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Clinical xxxxxxxxxx


xx xxx xx the major xxxxxxxxxx in assessing a defendant?x xxxxxx xxx


Ax xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx measured to xxxx



Qx An xxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx


A: xxx xx xxx xxxxxx



xx xxxxx of the xxxxxxxxx is an example xx x xxxx negative xxxxxxxx


A: xxxx failed an xxxx because she hadn?t learned xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx covered.



Q: The main reason that it xx so xxxxxxxxx xx predict dangerousness is that?


xx xx relevant, xxxxx measured xxxxx to xxxxxxx xxxx behavior.



Q: In xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx ecological perspective xxxxxx xxx


A: Understanding xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx requires changes in environmental settings.



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