"> (solution)- Entrepreneurship creating a new venture Fall 2015????????????????? Creating A New Venture? ??

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(solution)- Entrepreneurship creating a new venture


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Fall 2015????????????????? Creating A New Venture? ??






Answer the following as complete as possible. Complete as a word document, double space, 12 pt font.









Part 1???? Answer the following questions









1. Many successful entrepreneurs and private investors say it is just as bad to start out with too much money as it is too little. Why is this so? give some examples.






2. How would a banker look at a loan application different than an angel investor looking at a business plan? Explain






3. What is a company worth? Explain the theory and the reality






4. Explain the pros and cons of using Debt vs Angel money vs Venture Capital






5. In selecting outside investors, a board, consultants and the like, what are the most important criteria, and why?









Part 2



Reflective paper -????? NO LONGER THAN 4 PAGES






It can be more difficult to write a succinct 4 page paper than a longer paper.? So, outline, work and rework your paper before submitting it to the maximum length.? Be sure to edit your paper before submitting as poor grammar and syntax detract from the value of the paper. You should use headings to clearly label the discrete parts of the paper. Since this is in lieu of an exam I am expecting you to put into this paper a similar amount of time you would have spent studying and taking the exam.









In this paper, you will be looking back and focusing on what you have learned overall and what you are taking away from this course.? This could include things you have learned from the text, from class, our guest speakers, your project, outside readings, as well as fellow students. Was there an ?AHA? moment or something that you heard/read that really resonated with you.You should also discuss how you anticipate using the learnings you gained about entrepreneurship and specifically about creating a new venture in the future.? This might include future jobs, graduate school, or any other setting where you feel the learning applies.









Part 3






Bonus: How have you used the Fish Philosophy in your daily life? Give an? example or 2









This should be about one short paragraph









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Make A Sound and Share

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Running xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx






























Make x Sound And xxxxx (MASAS)




Entrepreneurship is xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx area that xxxxxxxxxxx are focusing xx in their xxxx to grow xxx xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx ?Make x Sound xxx xxxxx? xxxxxxx xx xxx of the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx investments that xx the focus xx xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx the way people interact xxxx xxx radio xxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx music. The entrepreneurship brings xxxxxxxx listener, xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx together xxxxxxx xx xxxxx platform xx xxxxxx an interactive xxxxxx xxxx booming xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx we are able to bring xxx xxx of listening to xxx xxxxx xxxx xx xxx purest xxxxx with no commercials and xx xxxx xx music choice. We will enrich the xxx people xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxx them xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx This entrepreneurship xx xxxxxxxxx in the growth xx xxxxx industry and xxx enjoyment xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx from xxxxxx




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