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(solution)- Ann can I get this by May 15? the template is attached


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Promoting Wellness and Relience






For your second assignment, you will research and recommend prevention and education activities for your target population that are designed to promote individual, cultural, and community wellness and resilience. You will apply these interventions to the same diverse target population that you use for your Unit 4 paper. This 3?4 page paper should:



  • Describe the wellness and resiliency model used by mental health counselors that will promote wellness and community resilience over the life span for individual, couples, and families in your target population.
  • Recommend intervention activities designed to promote resilience and wellness as desired counseling goals for clients in your target population.
  • Propose appropriate prevention and education activities appropriate to your target population that promote optimum human development, wellness, and mental health.
  • Identify effective strategies to promote client understanding of and access to a variety of community resources.
  • Reference materials from your studies and additional academic peer-reviewed research from the Capella Library to support your work.

Note:?An assignment template has been created to assist you in developing your assignment. Click on the link in Resources to access the template.



Assignment Requirements



  • Number of pages:?The paper should be between 3?4 pages in length.
  • Written communication:?Communicate your thoughts in a manner that conveys the overall goals of the assignment and is consistent with APA standards for style and professionalism.
  • References:?The paper must include a reference list. Include a minimum of 2 references from professional literature.
  • Format:?You must use proper APA style in listing your references. Refer to the APA Style and Formatting module in Capella's Online Writing Center on iGuide or the current APA Style Manual for more information. Write your paper using Microsoft Word.







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(solution)- Ann can I get this by May 15? the template is attached.zip

Advocacy For Diverse Client

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Running xxxxx ADVOCACY xxx DIVERSE CLIENT ? PAGE * MERGEFORMAT xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx FOR xxxxxxx CLIENT ? xxxx * xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx











Advocacy xxx xxxxxxx Client


Author xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx Name



Capella xxxxxxxxxx




Advocacy xxx Diverse Client


xxxxxxxxx is xxx xxxxxxxxx used xx xxxxxxx xx xx idea or xxxxxx through the application xx methods xx strategies xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx and people. The target population for xxxx case is mentally xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx who xxx xxxxxxxx xx advocacy through xxxxxxxx and social xxxxxxxxxxx changes such as xxxxx regulations, xxx policies xx xxxxxxxxxx resources xxxx xxxxxx their lives (Donnison, xxxxxx This advocacy is mainly targeted xx central xxxxxxxx xxxxxx such as government xxxxxxx politicians, public servants xxx xxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx actions and opinions have a xxxxxxxxxxx influence on xxxxxxxx made. xx xxxx analysis, xxxxxxxx methods, institutional xxx social xxxxxxxxx xxx impact xx local, xxxxx xxx


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